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Dentist Marketing: New Online Strategy Helps Dentists Get More Business

Online dentist marketinghas become more and more difficult for local practices, but with the recent changes in Google, dentists now have an easy way to get exposure in their local city.

In the past problem with online dentist marketing is when a patient is looking for a dentist in their area, Google’s search engine would display national companies.    That means that the person in Atlanta Georgia that is typing in “eye doctor” will get eye doctors in New York, Dallas, and dozens of other cities all over the country.

The Key To Local Dentist Marketing

Google is now focusing on helping dentists get found by patients that are in their local city.   The ne w focus of Google comes in the form of their program called Google Places.  Google Places allows any dentist to create a local business listing.  Then Google will display that listing first in front of any national companies.  Therefore allowing local dentists to dominate the first page of Google in their local area.

To help  local dentists market their practice better in Google Places Real Strategic Inc and Accelerate Marketing Inc. have just released a free Google Places dentist marketing course.    The course is available for immediate download and gives dentists the step by step process of how they can get their business on the first page of Google.

David Sprague, CEO of Real Strategic Inc. explains “When a patient goes to Google and looks for a local dentist, being on the  first page of Google is the Yellow Pages, radio, and newspaper advertising combined.  The phone simply starts ringing with new customers.”

For additional information on local dentist marketing and the newly released dentists marketing course you can contact Real Strategic Inc. at 561-755-7075 and Accelerate Marketing Inc. at 888-401-7762


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